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About Coastal Spearing

Welcome to Coastal Spearing, where the adventure of spearfishing comes alive. We are your guide to exploring the beauty and challenge of hunting beneath the waves. At Coastal Spearing, we provide you with everything you need to know about this exhilarating sport. Here’s what we’re all about:

Spearfishing Techniques

Delve into the art of spearfishing with our comprehensive insights into various techniques. From beginners to seasoned spearfishers, we have something to sharpen everyone’s skills.

Gear Reviews

Find the gear that suits your style. Our honest and in-depth reviews of spearguns, wetsuits, and more will help you make informed decisions.

Locations and Travel

Discover the best spearfishing locations across the globe or right in your backyard. Our guides reveal the must-visit spots for unforgettable underwater adventures.

Fishing Regulations and Ethics

Navigate the rules of the sea with our comprehensive overview of spearfishing regulations, licenses, and ethical practices.

Fish Species and Behavior

Learn about the various species that roam the ocean depths and how to approach them in our detailed guides.


Get quick answers to your spearfishing questions in our handy FAQs section.

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At Coastal Spearing, our mission is to create a community where spearfishing enthusiasts of all levels can learn, connect, and grow. We invite you to explore our website, join our community, and share in the passion and excitement of spearfishing.

For collaborations, inquiries, or to share your own spearfishing story, contact us.

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Coastal Spearing is more than just a brand; it’s a passion-driven community devoted to the art and adventure of spearfishing. Founded by a group of seasoned spearfishing enthusiasts, Coastal Spearing is the culmination of years of underwater experience, exploration, and a deep love for the sea.

Our journey began with the simple desire to connect with nature and challenge ourselves in the unique world beneath the waves. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a way of life, leading us to explore the diverse underwater landscapes and the incredible marine life that inhabits them.

At Coastal Spearing, we believe in fostering a responsible and sustainable approach to spearfishing. We promote ethical practices that not only respect the oceans and marine ecosystems but also enrich the spearfishing experience for newcomers and veterans alike.

We offer a curated selection of top-tier spearfishing gear, educational resources, and community support. Our mission is to empower others to embrace spearfishing as more than a sport, but a path to self-discovery, connection, and responsible stewardship of our oceans.

Whether you’re taking your first plunge or you’ve been navigating the deep for years, Coastal Spearing is your partner, guide, and fellow enthusiast. Join us as we explore, learn, and celebrate the incredible world of spearfishing together.

Welcome to Coastal Spearing. Dive in.